Coldspring-SJC Chamber of Commerce


The Coldspring Community Center was built in 1955 by individuals and civic groups who traditionally held their meetings in Coldspring. The upkeep of the building depends on annual contributions from these same organizations and the minimal charge of its use. The Coldspring Community Center is managed by a Board, consisting of representatives from organizations who regularly use the Center.

Rates: $90 Half Day   $150.00 Full Day
Contact 936.628.6739 for more info/reservations

President: Karla Fratt  936.537.8437

Vice President: Debra Goodale  936.402.0878

Secretary: Sunny Gabarino  936.442.1218

Treasurer/Manager: Darchele & Richard Vucinovich  832.971.5096


Coldspring / San Jacinto County Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 980 ~ 31 Butler Street
Coldspring, Texas 77331
Phone: 936.653.2184
10 am - 3 pm Monday thru Friday

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